Unleash the woofs and let the purrs fly - it's playtime at Bruno's! Our daycare is the ultimate playground for pets, with endless games, tail-wagging excitement, and furry friendships waiting to be made. Get ready for a paws-itively awesome day!

Home Away from Home - Best Dog Daycare in Dubai

Play & Daycare

Does your dog spend time alone during the day while you are at work?

Do you, them, get welcomed by a hyped-up puppy itching to get some playtime?

Unused energy in dogs can result in destructive behavior, such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking. A pet daycare can help prevent this and allow your fur baby to make some friends, too!

Bruno's Play Center is Dubai's most recommended dog daycare. As an indoor dog play center, our services are full of activities, care, and attention to stimulate your dog's mind and balance the temperament, creating a better-behaved pet.

So, why spend more on a dog sitter when you have a better alternative where they can spend the day playing, exercising, and socializing with other dogs and people? Our doggie day care center is designed to be an extension of your home and park for pets, with plenty of indoor and outdoor space to play.

Benefits of Choosing Our Dog Boarding and Daycare Center

If you are a busy dog owner who often comes home tired and unable to give your dog the attention they need to stay active physically and mentally, you can trust us as we are the best dog daycare in Dubai. It has been found that unattended dogs develop different problems like house training accidents, incessant barking, and destructive behavior. Don't forget, dogs are pack animals. They need time to socialize and interact with other dogs. Boredom and unspent energy can cause behavior problems in pet dogs. At Bruno's Play Center, we strive to provide your pets with a stimulating, enjoyable environment. Some of the benefits your pet dog can gain at our daycare are:

  • Exercise & mental stimulation through games.
  • Relief from loneliness and anxiety. Loneliness can be due to dogs left unattended for extended periods of time. We also welcome pets with separation anxiety.
  • Socializing with fun hoomans.
  • Chilling with other dogs.
  • Helping your dog find their BFF - Best Furry Friend.
  • Your dog can be trained how to “be a dog” in a healthy pack family.
  • Regular exercise to keep your dog physically fit.
  • Prevent any destructive behavior of your dog in the house when unsupervised.
  • Better and safer than public dog parks as all dogs are carefully screened before they are made part of a daycare facility.
  • Trained and caring staff supervises your dog during your pet's entire visit.

How is Bruno's Doggie Day Care Different?

Our mission sets us apart. We don't treat this as a business; this is a passion project for a group of pawrents who want to offer a safe, fun space to dogs & cats in Dubai's Al Quoz region.

Our professionally trained team is always ready to go the extra mile for both dogs and their parents. We take care of your pup just like our own and treat them to fun-filled days of safe socialization with other dogs, exercise to burn off plenty of their pent-up energy, and interactions with our caring team.

Our priority is to always keep your dog's safe and happy in our care. That's the reason why we have numerous safety protocols. Our safety facilities and other amenities have made us the best dog daycare in the Al Quoz area in Dubai.

Bruno's play center offers many things:

  • Huge premises
  • High safety walls of the daycare center
  • Feeding sessions
  • Certified canine coaches
  • Safe & well-sanitized
  • Pet-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Running and exercise time
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Compressed rubber floors to reduce the impact on dog's feet, joints, and hips
  • Soundproofing throughout to keep nervous dogs at ease
  • Proper HVAC System to maintain fresh air circulation and a climate-controlled environment
  • Quality bedding material for nap times
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Medication and health monitoring, if required
  • Playtime with their favorite toy
  • Playgroups based on size & activity level
  • Big indoor play areas

Our best indoor dog play center in Dubai has various fun playrooms that provide everything an active pup needs. These playrooms are grouped based on the personality, size, and play style of pets to ensure the safety of every pet. As your dog grows and its personality develops, we switch playrooms based on their confidence and change in play preferences.

We have designed our playrooms with the comfort and safety of pets in mind. We're proud to be a safe and well-sanitized dog daycare facility in Dubai. Floors are sanitized regularly, and all surfaces and equipment are disinfected daily with pet-safe cleaning products so that we have happy paws and pups. Most importantly, we take the prevention of airborne contagions and noise disturbance very seriously.

Considering the fact that the sight of other dogs between rooms may lead to barrier frustration, we have created a completely relaxing environment for dogs. Special meet & greet sessions are organized for old and new pets. Participation of all pets is a must to check their progress and ensure their fitness for our open-play environment. We pay attention to the smallest details, which make our customers happy & satisfied. That's why we are the most trusted dog boarding center in Dubai.

Bruno's Specialized Dog Behavior Team

Our specialized dog care professionals provide quality care in a safe and supervised environment. Every member has to follow the pet's rigorous training protocols designed by a canine behaviorist. They have to focus on dog body language and behavior. Our playroom attendants' job isn't just limited to keeping an eye on all pets; they are also responsible for carefully observing each dog's behavior and recording their improvements.

Feel free to reach out to discuss your pet's behavior. You can visit our location with your pet. We are located in the heart of Dubai at Al Quoz, just 10 minutes from the Mall of Emirates. You can easily find us on Google Maps as “Bruno's Play Center.”

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