Pack your pet's bags and get ready for a vacation of their dreams! Our boarding accommodations are like a five-star resort for pets, complete with cozy beds, playful pals, and round-the-clock cuddles. It's the perfect getaway for your furry friend!

Dog Boarding Services

Finding a suitable dog boarding facility is especially important if your pet prefers a homely environment or has separation anxiety. Only a team that has the right tools and training can cater to your fur baby's needs. This may include providing your pet a completely cage-free boarding experience.

The affordable dog boarding in Dubai that we offer at Bruno's Play Center are specifically designed and constructed to provide a cozy and safe environment for our canine guests. Our boarding rooms are temperature-controlled and fitted with matted floors that ensure excellent hygiene, sanitation, and comfort for your pooch. All dogs in boarding enjoy a variety of activities, including playtime, and mental stimulation.

Comfy & Cage-Free Pet Boarding Rooms

Whether you are going out of town just for a week or over a few weeks, and you don't want any pet sitter to come to your place to take care of your pet, trust us to make your pet feel at home. Saying goodbyes to your pooch isn't easy. Instead, bid adieu to any doubts when you choose Bruno's Play Center.

We provide every pet owner peace of mind when they visit and look at our professional and fun pet boarding environment. We provide each of our guests with ample love, care, and attention just like you adore them. That's why we are the best dog boarding and daycare center in Dubai. We will ensure your pet is happy and feels comfortable with the lots of attention he/she usually gets until you return home.

Pet Boarding Facility with Excellent Amenities

Whether you choose our standard boarding facility or luxury boarding services, we can assure you that we will treat your pooch like our preferred guest while you are away.

  • Climate-Controlled Boarding Rooms - Our pet boarding rooms are equipped with a heating and air conditioning system to ensure your pet's comfort regardless of the outside temperature. Personal pet rooms are also available. These rooms are spacious for any size dog. Specialized dog rooms are fitted with quality bedding and other amenities to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. Our housekeeping services make sure every sleeping area is cleaned and sanitized whenever required.
  • Raised beds
  • Climate controlled rooms
  • Indoor private suites available on request
  • Water bowls arrangement in every room

Plenty of Exercise and Play

To keep your pet busy and entertained, we engage the pups in our care outdoor exercise multiple times daily. We also take them for bathroom breaks. If you wish to schedule additional playtime and exercise for your pup, we can also arrange it in our spacious outdoor or indoor play areas. The common activities our guests enjoy are:

  • Playgroups based on age and activity level
  • Ball fetch and Bubble playtime
  • Jungle gyms
  • Endless toys
  • Enrichment activities with dog handlers

Personal Attention To Every Pet

Being a professional dog boarding center in Dubai, we collect specific information about your pet to ensure proper care. We take this information so that we can successfully replicate their home environment as closely as possible. We generally ask for the following:

  • Feeding patterns and preferences
  • Medical history and medications
  • Interaction level of your pet with other pets
  • What makes your pet happy or sad

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

We have highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Our experienced pet professionals know how to deal with pets with unique behaviors. They make sure your dog receives the best possible dog boarding experience. They also monitor your pup's health in thorough records. We provide fresh water consistently and feed your dog premium pet food. Owners can also bring their pet food in pre-measured and pre-marked bags.

  • Trained staff
  • Continuously fill pet water bowls
  • Feed pets at the scheduled time
  • Provide specialized care to every pet

We Make Your Goodbyes Easy

When you choose Bruno's Play Center - a trusted and affordable dog boarding facility in Dubai, you can be confident that your furry baby will enjoy personal attention, outstanding care, and an excellent environment. We give your dog the attention and love they're used to while you are away. We also share pictures of your pet enjoying the company of other dogs with you. You can also take access to our web cameras to keep a check on your pet from time to time and be assured.

For more information on our boarding packages, feel free to call us!

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